Assistance from computer assisted translation
& translation quality assurance software

Automatic translation of texts repeated in a document Unification of terms.
Check for consistency, omissions, and mistranslations.

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About Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Software

Transpower, in principle, provides clients with human translation, and the CAT software is subsidiarily used to achieve error free, effective and swift translation.

The CAT software operates based on a translation memory database, which stores previous translations that have been translated and reviewed by professional translators and reviewers. CAT software automatically translates texts that match 100% with a sentence previously stored in the translation memory or texts repeated in a document, and helps to unify terms and prevent omissions. Consequently, clients can benefit from CAT software in terms of cost, quality and time.

Not just anybody can develop such a CAT software due to the large volume of translation data and high costs required. CAT software is a source of pride for Transpower.